The Denys hometown scholarship

Important Note: Denys Holland’s mission is to support undergraduates in any country, those without academic support will not be able to access the funds needed to study at UCL , and those who can express their intention to use the service provided by UCL to the full extent of Union Students. Student (s): University of London, UK Degree / Training: Bachelor’s degree in any Program offered by the University Number of Grants: A scholarship is available for 2021/22. Aim at: Training from any country Valid / trial period: Cost assessment costs 9,000 per year for three years, based on satisfactory academic progress. Eligibility: Applicants should: • Hold a valid UCL student • Hold a valid UCAS number (not a UCAS enrollment number) • Hold a UCL admission certificate for the training period beginning September 2021, in each category ; • having money; • be able to demonstrate that they are genuinely motivated and ready to participate in and participate in college life. Application Procedures: Applicants should provide a UCL Student Number or UCAS Application Number for the application to have a valid score. Applications and supporting documents will be sent by email before 11.59pm BST, Friday 2 July 2021. It is important to visit the official website (link below) to receive such application as well as for more information on how to apply for this scholarship. Website: Professional Scholarship: