ICSP scholarship at university

Important Description: International students who demonstrate financial need and special abilities can apply for the International Cultural Performance Program (ICSP). The ICSP curriculum contains additional resources that require students to provide information about their community, community members, and UO students, teachers and staff. Activities (s): University of Oregon, USA Land (s) of study: Qualifications offered in Higher Education Number of Scholarships: Not specified. Objective: International students demonstrate financial value and real value Course value / entry / time: Scholarship launches from 0 – 15 non-resident education credits per session. The value of education will run at any time. Eligibility: Applicants must be accepted or accepted by the University of Oregon. New students will apply for UO admission for 2020-21 through 15 January 2021. Applicants will not be U.S. citizens, living in the U.S. should, or should receive US government financial assistance. Job seekers must demonstrate financial interest and meet minimum GPA requirements of 3.0. ICSP students agree to complete 80 hours per year of traditional work as required by the program. Application Procedures: Applications are currently closed. Must apply for admission to the University of Oregon before applying for a scholarship. Check your email for an invitation to enter the Uash Scholarship Dashboard within one week of applying for admission. In the UO Scholarship Dashboard, you must submit the General Application, ISSS grant application and ICSP Scholarship Application with your Application before 1 February 2021 by 4 pm (PST).