Zoox perfect data partner with leading hospitality wifi network producer

ALPHARETTA, GA – Zoox Smart Data, an international device service provider that combines big data to build customer profiles through an existing Wi-Fi network, has announced more relationships with other Wi-Fi providers to ensure that many hotels and travel agencies can seamlessly integrate your high-profile technology with existing Wi-Fi service. Zoox’s current partnership offers full and direct integration with SkySmart Systems’ network as well as a number of hosting network providers including Secure Access and One Networks. “Zoox has enabled our team to provide real-time customers with unparalleled insights into the Wi-Fi guest experience,” said Chris Wiggins, Director at SkySmart Systems. “On the Zoox platform, our SkySmart solution transforms the relationship between businesses and their customers. The Zoox team has become a valuable asset at a time when businesses need to explore and transform. ”When connected to a business network, Smart Data Zoox technology allows quick access to profiles created with each visitor to identify interests, budgets and related sites travel. Once a visitor enters the service, a collection of profiles that can be compiled including income and education level, marital status, family size, hobbies and class members work. Using research compiled by Zoox Smart Data, businesses can automatically determine the best advertising for the people they aim to raise relationships and achieve high success. These capabilities can be used at any time of the visitor’s journey: from enrollment decisions, to time and after inspection, enabling a complete personal experience from start to finish that strengthens loyalty and makes it possible to earn money. During drying Store