WTTC reseach reveal travel and toriam sector contributions to united kingdom GPD slumpumed a shocking €143 ,2020

LONDON, UK – The annual Travel & Travel Agency of the Year (EIR) report today revealed that the catastrophic damage of the UK travel and travel sector has wiped out ip 148 billion from the UK economy. The annual EIR by the World Travel & Travel Agency (WTTC), which represents the global travel & tourism industry, reflecting regional contribution to GDP, fell and rainfall 62.3%. Travel & Travel GDP fell by 238 billion (10.1%) in 2019 before the outbreak, and only 90 billion (4.2%), in the 12 months following, in 2020. The year of travel ban, as an unprecedented variation, which has led to a steady global tour, it has resulted in 307,000 Travel & Travel projects across the country. However, the WTTC believes that the real picture could be worse, if not for the financial system crisis in the government, such as insurance and job security across all sectors in saving more than 11 million jobs, and saving a fortune of the disadvantages and the destructive effects they can bring to each other. According to recent figures, the UK government is projected to spend more than bil 46 billion on job retention plans, with the number expected to reach ionu 80 billion by the end of the program by October. 2021. Loss of these services is considered around the UK & Travel ecosystem, and SMEs, which account for eight out of 10 businesses in the region, play a major role. Furthermore, as one of the world’s leading sectors, the impact on women, youth and minorities is significant. The number of people working in the UK Travel & Travel sector fell from 4.27 million in 2019, to 3.96 million in 2020 – a fall of 7.2%.