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When it comes to immigration, there are two ways through which you can go abroad. These are through legal immigration and illegal immigration. Immigration law and regulations relate to Immigration law. In this blog, we have mentioned some ways you can get out of law. We have also mentioned how we can go abroad for a while, and to go abroad forever. In this article, we will talk about developed countries that have illegal immigrants. Countries with illegal immigrants The number of illegal immigrants by common standards, cannot be counted quickly. This is due to the fact that only a small number of immigrants do not receive at the time of the census or other legal review process. illegal immigrants Create this strong population as countries in different ways calculate the number of illegal immigrants. However, despite all this, in 2008, it was estimated that 1.9 to 3.8 million undocumented migrants arrived in Europe. In Spain alone, in 2016, there were nearly 2.8 million to 3.5 undocumented immigrants. The United States had about 13,000 people read in the USA in the same year. As alarming as it sounds, undocumented immigrants make up 3.5% of the total population of the USA