Virtual matrix shift for payment to EMV payment in US hotel

RICHARDSON, TX – Visual Matrix, the company’s first asset management company that provides all PMS and financial management, channel management, and operating tools, has announced the implementation of an agreement with Shift4 Payments to provide authorized payment processing. Viewing matrix PMS hotel business. As part of the update, each of the Visual Matrix’s more than 2,000 restaurants and hotels can choose to sign up for Shift4 end-to-end payment gateways without any problems at the expense of Visual Matrix. All of these payments apply to the Shift4 platform via the PCI acceptance bar with its free signature device, vocabulary features, and a number of additional functions to fulfill each payment requirement. . The design of the EMV payment system has also proven to be a major priority for hotels looking for a mobile experience without hassle for customers. This has created a reliable system for restaurants to store and use credit card information, without the risk of opening difficult customer information. Shift4 payment processing technologies – including QR Pay – provide the PMS Visual Matrix to facilitate complete and contact payment experience, the world-famous COVID-19 update. Georgine Muntz, Director of Visual Matrix said, “We are delighted to work with Shift4 to provide all payment security solutions for all our restaurant partners.” “Shift4’s provision with hardware and rates selected for our store customers is very important as they have emerged since the time of the major disease recovery.” “As a leader in payment planning for the hospitality industry, Shift4 is proud to provide high-end business solutions for restaurants and hotels with their guests. We are honored to work with Visual Matrix