Vfiar integrate Zoom to platform to support large event

DALLAS, TX – vFairs, the hybrid manager of virtual and virtual events, announces that they are incorporating migration into their solutions to deploy Zoom websites and support remote communications for hybrids to enable site users and virtual makeup. The new navigation solution for vFairs will help build the vFairs platform into a more reliable, scalable platform to support a growing number of hybrid platforms that provide both physical access and access to the generation at a time. Infectious diseases of COVID-19 have a devastating effect on trade shows, meetings, and other similar events. Demand for companies that offer other alternatives. According to Statistica, by April 2020, 87% of plans planned for 2020 had been canceled and 66% postponed. However, within a year, vFairs has grown from 40 to 223 employees and expanded from 14 to 53 countries operating 150 companies. Through this new migration mix, vFairs customers will be able to handle the event they work with remote users, creating an interactive webinar within the vFairs platform. This new feature will allow remote speakers to talk to the audience and send incoming people at the same time, as well as manage both team questions at the same time. With this new hybrid event, event organizers can increase the number of participants to accommodate a larger audience in an cost-effective way. Participants will be able to demonstrate the vFairs show with 3D graphics and animation, digital content, interactive chat and unique customer support. “COVID-19 has shown us that many events can be successful, and we expect remote access to be part of the planning and business development even after the disease has subsided,” he said.