US hotel profitable hit pandemic high

BROOMFIELD, COLORADO – U.S. hotel game prize money for available room (GOPPAR) reached the highest level since February 2020, according to STR’s monthly P&L data release. GOPPAR has not been more than US $ 12.69 per month since the pandemic-hit pandemic on company performance last March. In addition to the improved levels in game measurement statistics, year-over-year comparisons are less common. GOPPAR: US $ 17.35 (-83.3%) TRevPAR: US $ 85.11 (-67.4%) EBITDA PAR: US $ 0.14 (-99.8%) LPAR (Service Rates): US $ 34.26 (-60.2%) “One-year percentage changes will change positively in P&L data releases in the future due to comparable small pandemic months in the past year,” said Raquel Ortiz, STR assistant director of financial services. “In addition, the company’s top statistics have been trending at their highest levels for more than a year, as shown in our recent weekly data releases for March, and the promotion should pulls to the bottom line as properties generate faster revenue while maintaining productivity that has developed over the past year. Approximately 50% of housing is a general waste even for a profit margin, but only 44% of assets reach the GOP real estate area in February – the percentage is lower on the average income level. With so much demand in the market in holiday driving, specialty products, which rely on business reliability and team demand, continue to struggle the most even with some improvement over the past month. ”