Tripadvisor suffer 61% decrease in revenew in 202O

The travel and travel industry is one of the most difficult operations by COVID-19 advertising websites on frequent trips and unsafe travel destinations. TripAdvisor had one of the worst years and had the biggest setback in history. According to data, TripAdvisor achieved a 61% YoY in revenue in 2020, a loss of nearly one billion dollars a year. International Locksmith Locks on travel in early 2020 will close their borders in an effort to reduce the destructive effects of COVID-19, which threatens the country’s strongest potential travel work is. Visitors, one of the most popular travel websites in the world, are not affected by this disease and have overcome a lot of damage by 2020. Since 2014, Tripadvisor and the travel company in general them, rising in many economic and financial systems. The year marked the first time a traveler received more than $ 1B in revenue, a value that exceeds the 2020 event. The retailer posted at $ 604M in 2020, nearly $ 1B less than $ 2019 of $ 1.56B . This is 61% YoY down in 2019 with almost 62% dropping from a record high of $ 1.61B set in 2018. Revenue in 2020 is the lowest since 2010 when the company was ten. Cost Reduction by Visitors РNearly 40% Drop In Soft Work and Over 50% Drop In Value The three supervisors took several steps to reduce costs in this disease. Expenditures and sales fell to $ 316M in 2020, the lowest level since 2012 with 53% lower than the 2019 target of $ 672M. The company also plans to reduce the number of its employees significantly, one year after investing in its employees.