Travelogix Released partnership with stable start up

Travel management experts, Travelogix, have joined Trees4Travel in supporting luxury tours for both companies. Trees4Travel, a leading provider of real-time support and automation, has joined Travelogix to further their work of carbon offsets. The first part of the partnership will be live on March 2021 and see Travelogix transfer real travel data to Trees4Travel for TMC subscribers and their customers. The data provided by Travelogix will allow Trees4Travel to determine the number of trees to be planted to match the carbon footprint associated with each recorded trip and drive traffic to Travelogix for support purposes. The second part of this service will give TMC users and their company the opportunity to view their support system from Trees4Travel and its company and customers. Travelogix will integrate Trees4Travel available for free to all users of the Analytics data management platform. Mark Colley, MD at Sunways Travel, is specifically involved with the launch of Trees4Travel and will be part of a three-way route between the two companies. Trees4Travel company information: “Three trees are excited to partner with Travelogix. It is imperative that the business community embraces sustainable change in its transportation system, as well as a return to social dialogue for economic development. COVID-19 has provided rest and life to reflect on how we can protect our lives and also build a better future. “