Travelers resound support use of Digital Health passes

WASHINGTON, DC — Travelers are using support to use digital health labels – sometimes called opponents — to support travel, according to a new monthly travel review produced by Travel Again . When asked what they think about using them, 83% of business travelers and 86% of hotel travelers know that this advice supports their use, and many are better or better and less expensive. . view. “Digital testing of test results and immunization status is important to the speed and timing of recovery in travel and vacations, but their use to design slide or quarantine requirements for travelers with capacity does not mean that Access will require them to travel, ”said another consultant, Mike McCormick. “The political situation in Florida and Texas is completely against the use of these devices to undermine the confidence of travelers – and to the detriment of the state and the local economy.” In addition, the study found that half (48 percent) of travelers had received at least one COVID – higher than the national average, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About a third of the country exists to date. “This high popularity among immunization travelers could be a sign that travelers see it as another tool to support an unexpected journey that will help them get back on track. The fastest way,” he said. McCormick incorporates. Additional Findings More than 67 percent of vacationers will travel home for the next six months, the highest level during the epidemic. Many holiday enthusiasts have experienced more scenarios of the future than business travelers (46% vs. 19%), and the holiday journey precedes the start of this recovery.