Travel to England Releases new edition of the pink book

VisitEngland has published a new edition of its famous Pink book explaining the legal requirements and guidelines for home and theater providers in England. Now in the eleventh book, ‘The Pink Book: Rules for Travel Accommodation and Attractions’ provides guidance for doing business in a thriving area – from food hygiene to health and safety and business and tax management. Minister of Tourism Nigel Huddleston MP said: “Owners and operators of accommodation and hospitality have worked hard over the past year and will continue to do the same. The benefits where our community and local economy are recovering well from this epidemic. ” is an important tool to help our homeowners continue to maintain their service well for visitors, helping us to relax in England in a truly memorable experience. ”VisitEngland CEO Andrew Stokes said:“ Pink paper is an essential tool for the travel business providing safe and easy to use, hands-on and legal. It is very important to support this company to maintain its high standards, and it will help entrepreneurs to choose their legal services as they go through recovery. “The creation of this new edition includes new information for visitor visits and Grants, setting up charities and how to bring our application to the machine. The new elimination process of this chapter is being introduced to clarify requirements when hiring people to ita UK.