Travel sentiment is warming up with Summer

BRUSSELS – Hopefully the holiday season is encouraging for European citizens, with many (56%) saying they will go on holiday by the end of August 2021, either at home or in European countries again. In comparison, only 27% of respondents also did not want to move within the next six months. That is according to a new report “Analysis of domestic and European travel – Wave 6” 1 published by the European Travel Commission (ETC).

This monthly report provides new insights into the role of COVID-19 on European travel ideas and the importance in such venue and experience, vacations and travel-related stresses in the coming months.

Vaccination ensures you have a rest period
Despite the introduction of the first anti-depressant drug in all of Europe, the confidence of travelers continues to rage, hoping for a faster recovery. The study showed that 48% of respondents had an optimistic view of the travel planning, development and delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine. Only 21% are optimistic about travel planning, despite finding vaccines.

Of the first 3 to 9 flies flying in Europe, 9 out of 10 have time for their holidays, expecting the first to July and August (46%). Another 29% said they plan to make another trip soon, in May or May. Of these, 49% want to go abroad to Europe, while 36% want residence.

Concerns arose about being able to take many vacations
As Europeans begin to notice the holiday season in the summer, the fires are in full swing and perhaps the upcoming holidays could be fully enjoyed. While differential regimens are still a concern for 16% of pre-birds, the higher limit for rest and travel limits due to COVID-19 inhibition becomes a major pain concern. (11%).