Travel port; a new generation platform for a new era travel

LANGLEY, UK – The global leader in travel advertising, Travelport, has launched its own platform, Travelport +. Travelport + is a major part of Travelport’s global vision and is designed to increase the company’s visibility to diverse content distribution, travel sales and gaming. Travelport + is a comprehensive, next-generation program that creates a simple, rich, one-stop travel book. As travel distributions begin, exploring new ways of sharing between existing platforms has created confusion in the industry, leading to further conflict. Travelport + is a real-time multi-based system that provides more power, unparalleled, business content, delivering better options for retailers and customers, faster. “It’s a historic moment in our history and in the development of our company,” said Greg Webb, CEO at Travelport. “Travel is not part of the transformation of digital marketing campaigns and today, buying and selling travel is more complex than it should be. As Travelport is the only dedicated, global, metal distribution network travel, we have a lot of money to use Bring our new knowledge to the market.officiencies for travel technologies.United as a single, next-generation environment, including: modern, flexible, functional microservices API, which ends with NDC content; airline ticket promotion; travel package to manage all aspects of travel; marketing program to meet the needs of professional travel agents, Travelport + set new standards and management of global travel content .