Travel and Tourism centre company have lost 58% In start up money from 2019 -2020

The rest of the travelers in the year Covid killed. Others try to work from home. And, worldwide, more than 10,000 new startups have opened. In fact, global inflation is expected to increase by 42% by 2020, and by 2019. That shows a strong tendency to increase globally when the disease strikes. But which companies and countries have benefited the most from this trader’s trust? analyzed Crunchbase data and saw it as the start-up capital from 2019 to 2020 crossing 43 companies. According to the survey, companies that missed the second round for the start of 2020 are travel and travel organization, with -58% occurring in 2019. Other searches include: The largest industry for startups in 2020 is Science & Technology (+ 329.7%), Biotech (+ 187%), Research (+ 113%), and Agriculture (+ 112%) – most areas have a share in the fight against Covid. The companies that lost the most early startups in 2020 were Music (-67%), Travel & Travel (58.1%), Media & Entertainment (-55%), and Clothing & Clothing (-39%). Beginners earned 42% more revenue in 2020 than they did in 2019. Initial 10,468 earned investment (VC), which is only 83 more than in 2019. Trading by 2020 is $ 28m, up 57 % on average 2019. The US has the largest investment in the rising dollar, raising $ 35,594,999,900 ($ 35.6bn or 79.0%) more than in 2020.