Transformation and solidarity to covid recovery ICAO tells tourism committee

MONTREAL – Speaking to UNWTO World Travel and Travel Committee on the Middle East Committee, ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu said the ongoing disease in international migration showed that the world was “returning to the status quo of 2003 and the strength of the global seat.” Liu stressed that, in the Middle East, the average travel has reached more than 70% and overall recovery has been slower than in other parts of the world, mainly due to the high level of foreign travel where we. While emphasizing that the failure of the development of air supply is to the company and its suppliers all the problems caused by air travel and travel, the Secretary General of ICAO made three important points for approval by International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO Council of Air Force Task Force. (CART). The main focus is the establishment of a national and regional risk management system to slowly open the airwaves based on the public health system. “The success of this region will depend on all national decision-makers who take the accounting of the airline industry as a catalyst for economic development and prosperity,” he said. The second part of Drs. Liu points out that it is a long-term role for the traditional airline business model and sustainable development work. “Company planning, product requirements, and customer expectations will be affected, and each of them can lead to new approaches to operational, networking and ship management, such as product design and pricing,” he said. “Since more than 50% of transit passengers pass first through cancers, implications for the passenger market as a result of these significant changes in air travel may be significant.”