Trade shows organiser and association join forces to create safety and successful platform for economy recovery

PARIS, FRANCE – As the global program seeks to revitalize the COVID-19 business model, exhibition organizers and teams from around the world are joining together to launch a collaborative effort to bring the program back to life. security and planning of the role of operators. As companies range from manufacturing to health, aviation, agriculture, transportation and many more, find opportunities to address systemic concerns, providing a focus on business support and integration through community provision online storage. This group, led by the Global Association of Exhibition Industry, UFI, organizer of the World Exhibition Day (GED on 2 June 2021), and members of major companies such as SISO, and organizers of the global exhibition set events Clarion, Comexposium, Diverse Communications, Emerald, Informa Products, Reed (RX) and Tarsus, joining forces to show their customers a desire to return to a lifetime experience. “The show is a fast-growing business of all the threats to recovery system after this pandemic,” said Kai Hattendorf, President & CEO – UFI. “Even small and medium enterprises rely on these products to make their products profitable. As a company, we have systems and procedures in place to provide altar protection for the face to face business. ”While this international team is collaborating for the first time, many exhibition organizers, especially competitors, are looking for effective ways to integrate and integrate resources for the benefit of the global community they serve. Essentially, many organizers and teams have joined in the past year to develop and support all security guidelines, a strong international system and security programs designed to create a system of diligence and diligence and visitor health visits to all international markets show that 2021 and beyond. In accordance with this,