The tallest hotel in the world rated Tiger for online revenew

DUBAI – One of the best hosting addresses in Dubai, Gevora Hotel, has approved RateTiger for online sharing and management solutions. The four star device used is RateTiger, with RTConnect for 2 ARI method and opt-in delivery between OTA and Out PMS, GDS server and Review Control, all powered by the LiveOS platform. This platform outlines the application process and process, channel performance and many other processes necessary for business performance analysis. Boasting the largest hotel in the world by Guinness World Records, a luxury hotel in the Gevora Hotel located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and the City Business District. The hotel has 528 rooms and beautiful rooms. Beautiful accommodation for travelers from all over the world, the hotel hosts an eRevMax program offering 450 OTAs in the region, metasearch and GDS channel options. Prior to RateTiger, Gevora Hotel had tested different service providers to increase the number and size of different OTAs but there was still a lot of craftsmanship. Finding a viable option to adjust which has become the first priority in the budget group choosing RateTiger Connect. Infinite connectivity allows the property to expand to new markets through local channels and increase brand engagement. “70% of our bookings are online. RateTiger has been a great partner and has also provided great support with ARI speed delivery and excellent support, which is excellent compared to our previous service provider, ”said Dancing Koshy, Reservation & Revenue Incharge, Gevora Hotel.