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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – South Florida lover Fort Lauderdale is showcasing a new look and feel at the opening of The Kimpton Goodland Hotel – Fort Lauderdale Beach – a truly authentic old hotel. Banyan Investment Group owns both Hotels and is owned by Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants ’first in the market and ranked seventh in Florida. Located in the North Sea Village neighborhood, and just a barrier away from the beach, the new 96-something facility invites visitors to experience the relaxing and relaxing atmosphere of Fort Lauderdale. “The Goodland is the first to deliver something innovative and a Fort Lauderdale holiday experience,” said Nils Bergmann, Executive Director Kimpton Goodland. “Our property provides a relaxed atmosphere that combines past and present travel. We are excited to introduce The Goodland to both locals and visitors alike – it must be a favorite for both. The Progressive Description of the Escapu Hotel, which opened in 1950 as the first resort in Fort Lauderdale, The Goodland combined with the mid-century, unparalleled vision and influence of its original design in its neighborhood. Featured in the area, Goodland is home to two high-rise rooms, with four views with fire signs and a total, nearly 400 square feet of Wayfarer, prefabricated for ten small events and exits. health center, with two separate pools, one on the ground floor and the other on the top of 8 floors, each fully equipped and working pools. Kimpton’s favorite activities, amenities, and amenities include morning coffee and tea service, an evening out, everyone’s bike, an indoor bed, a friend’s event and