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Abule PRAIRIE, KAN. – Internet Services Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions, has announced the successful launch of BeyondTV GuestCast suites in INN and Meadowbrook. INN and Meadowbrook is a new hotel near Kansas City, located in beautiful Meadowbrook Park development. Accommodation for residents and visitors – one – INN sits in one of the park, road, and bar The best facilities await guests with food and dining options and views. INN and the Meadowbrook reception of BeyondTV GuestCast are set to increase the satisfaction of guests by giving guests full self-control and their home viewing experience In an effort to provide a lively bird-watching experience, sound information, and impeccable work, INN and Meadowbrook highlight indoor sports as a priority in meeting needs. Hotel encounters and hotel management are looking for a high quality, affordable solution with visionary guests to almost any type of content described. By downloading BeyondTV GuestCast, INN and Meadowbrook can give each of its guests the ability to navigate seamlessly through thousands of compatible phone applications. From Netflix and Hulu to Amazon Prime, Disney + and ESPN, visitors can also view their own content on guest websites without having to log in to login information. Robert Leyva, General Manager at INN in Meadowbrook. “We have reviewed many competition options, however, BeyondTV GuestCast eventually won because of ease of use, flexibility and value. The Hotel Service of the Service Center also found it fast and relaxed