The hotel connection launches Benchdirect

BARCELONA – Hotels (THN), the perfect platform for hotels, has announced the launch of their new facility: BenchDirect. This new pioneering product offers restaurant guests a much larger world than traditional benchmarking standards by offering a wide range of online and offline technologies, and a way for users to compare their company services with that of their competition in time. The history of BenchDirect dates back to the name of the company, Networks Hotels, which was a very strong decision. The goal is, and still is, to create a network of restaurants and hotels that you can learn from each other, share within the network, and work efficiently and effectively. An important part of the distribution is data, the company has incorporated an unparalleled understanding of user behavior and company performance across the network into its products and approaching customer support. The launch of BenchDirect is an online version of this technology, providing the hotel with a new and more powerful operating system. The meaning of his competition is focused on the channel, as “important” is the uniqueness of the company – the reason. Thanks to BenchDirect, homeowners can unlock the home walls of a well-established business plan by designing their hotel in more than 30 ways, including websites and registration, booking and reception, future needs, rates and diversity, user profile and behavior. “THN’s BenchDirect is the first of its kind,” said Juanjo Rodriguez, Founder of Network Hotels.