The Global Eagle Achiever STCs to give in-flight connection to B737

LOS ANGELES – Eagle World Announces Receipt of Two Certificates of Certification (STC) for Global Eagle installation by the company that manages Airconnect Global Ku inflight connective (IFC) Boeing 737. These new STCs are owned by Global Eagle was developed as part of a new series of STCs Global Eagle pursued for Airconnect Global Ku in a narrow aircraft. In addition to the ability to install Global Eagle software, STC also enables Global Eagle to install servers and wireless adapters developed by Turkish Technology, demonstrating Global Eagle’s ability to adapt to applications favorite customers. Working with Turkish Technology, the second new STC will see the installation of Global Eagle’s Airconnect Global Satellite IFC at Turkish Airlines’ airport, as well as the connection of Global Eagle to Profen’s teleport application, the teams will provide a link to Mike Pigott, CEO of Global Eagle Group, said: “Working closely with Turkey and Profen has allowed us to find a solution that combines the best technologies from the three categories to make Turkish Airlines passengers the most trusted and top-notch service providers on board. Known for providing the best passenger experience, Turkish Airlines is a good partner for integrating our technology into our new STC. We hope to support the aircraft as it continues to increase its coordination performance across its 737 submarines. “We are incredibly proud to have a native STC as we do now