The Economy impact of messukeskus Helsink melted by 80%

The impact of the Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Ventionlo Conference in the local business district has been reduced by 80 per cent when operations will be halted in the first year of the 2020 disease. As a result, the restaurant, ,,,,, restaurants , hotels, taxis and other businesses in the Helsinki Region lost up to 300 euros. The economic impact of Messukeskus in the Helsinki region in 2019 was 357 million euros and the impact was 4,850. By 2020, the corresponding number is 66 euros alone in 900. The impact on the budget and employment for the local economy has dropped by 80 per cent as the disease spreads to meetings of customers and representatives, based on face-to-face. Counting in euros, their tax loss is 291. This figure is based on prices in a statement by Taloustutkimus Oy. The Taloustutkimus Product Research Center examines the factors that cause such a full impact on the performance of companies and visitors at auctions, conferences and other events. Under normal circumstances, Messukeskus operates and distributes large sums of money for the entire Helsinki Region. The supermarket and international convention has become associated with hotels and restaurants and is also an important support for other activities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. “Our main concern is now the full public support for large and medium-sized companies in travel and events, such as Messukeskus. This is reducing Finland’s status as an investment destination. And has a negative impact on the competition of companies operating in Finland,