TFWA launch the 4th edition of TFWA Handouts

TFWA has published the fourth edition of the TFWA guide, a comprehensive guide to the free trade area and one that proves to be an important source for these groups. Developed in partnership with researcher and publisher of TFWA Report Moodie Davitt, TFWA Handbook contains many figures, descriptions and useful information highlighting important changes, challenges and worlds in free trade and commerce. It produces profiles of unskilled workers, and suggestions from industry executives and some of the world’s largest travel vendors, airports, retailers and advertising. The TFWA guide looks at the impact of the COVID-19 campaign on untapped business and travel services, including the 2019 market and 2020 ideas with figures and forecasts from ACI World, UN World Tourism Organization and Pacific Asia Travel Association. The manual also contains a special report on the cost of transportation at the port of Hainan Island. The TFWA page is available for download on the team section. “Since its first publication in 2014, the TFWA handbook has been a valuable resource for TFWA members. We are confident that this year’s edition will provide insight into our market for new and retirees, and our team will see this as a valuable opportunity to have a travel campaign today, ”said TFWA President Jaya Singh.