TFWA announced new digital platform and strong meeting

The TFWA team has developed a framework for a number of new initiatives aimed at providing customers and retailers with critical infrastructure and resources, as the team expresses support for the company in marketing and marketing efforts and innovation information. . At the conference, Singh and the TFWA thanked the staff on a regular basis on the Board of Trustees for their hard work and perseverance during this difficult time. They went on to explain how the new decision-making process in the entire industry has been observed, as well as the validity of TFWA’s ‘from business to business’ approach. During the conference, it was announced that a new online platform called TFWA 365. has been launched at the TFWA Asia Pacific Hainan Special Edition digital event held from 21st to 24th June. TFWA 365 is an ever-standing altar that will provide annual support and a wide range of services to TFWA members and colleagues. TFWA also announced a strong program for the TFWA Asia Pacific Hainan Special Edition conference online, including a conference showcase of vendors and travelers from around the world. There is no comprehensive program for TFWA’s World & Show, and prevention strategies are in place to meet the needs of a rapidly changing environment. However, the Commission emphasized that great love and passion for physical activities, and the importance of personal relationships are the foundation of the industry. Convinced that such a plan would be, the Group will step up and make every effort to provide the company with the most needed resources. Among the new friends will be the Book Buyers Program, which will provide delegates with unlimited access to important contacts, essential for any business or business success.