Tap trip partner with travel perk to help business traveler safety

Leading technology company, TapTrip has partnered with a leading company, TravelPerk in partnership with TravelSafe API, a new product developed around the world that will help increase business growth through the reliability and safety of human travel. The TravelSAfe API allows OTA, travelers, airlines and carriers (TMCs) to provide its customers with a better understanding of the few trips they need and to streamline our search process, messaging information provided by COVID-19, other drugs. follow them in your sight. TravelPerk API and API-supported technologies, are designed to communicate and support customers so that they can confidently write travel and travel documents safely. The TapTrip business application allows TMCs to provide SME, intuitive, user-friendly capabilities for recording and managing their business travel, and mobile devices to manage plant, health and safety expertise and travel. . By integrating the TravelSafe API, TapTrip helps travelers navigate, encouraging travelers by providing updates and travel restrictions on the Covid-19 route and special certificates in the way travelers know. which is based on different laws in different countries. Neil Ruth, TapTrip COO said: “By integrating insights into TravelPerk data with our registration process, we hope to increase the company’s credibility in business travel documents by providing information to new travelers. They want to go in peace.