TAMS provide free online evaluate for post pandemic

TAMS has announced that it has launched an online, research project based on managers and travelers to provide guidance on whether to attend physical or video conferences as the company strives to recruit more staff. . another way for global vaccine effects. The 30-minute webinar will take place at 11 am EST on Tuesday, April 13th. COVID-19 has disrupted business travel, although the promising global recovery has begun to have its greatest vaccine against polio since then. To ensure confidence in travel returns and help employees navigate business practices during the booking process, this researcher asked employee questions that address six pillars: Allow – Let your government and / or home -service give you permission to go here? Attractive – a favorite trip for this purpose? Know – is it the reason for the right trip? Is it worth it – the time you need to travel properly? Expensive – Is it a trip into the budget and why? Should – Travel and environmental stewardship work? The reviewer uses basic argument to guide the staff in one of the four recommended ways: We recommend you travel We recommend your video conference We suggest you video conference and travel We recommend to do some research before making a decision It has been developed by the TAMS Technical Committee to provide general industry guidelines such as addressing issues such as border closure, differentiation, closing closures, cost, security, technologies organization, and ROI in a project.