STR:Saudi Arabia control the international in projected hotel

LONDON – Saudi Arabia is showing 73,057 homes across six quarters of the hotel’s pipeline, with the country’s strategic plan with a 67.1% increase in home delivery in the next three years the highest among the top 50 countries most in the world, such as STR’s AM: PM platform. Of the total number of rooms in the pipeline as of March 11, 2021, 16,965 are set to be available online by 2021. 67.1% inclusion will take into account the implementation of all projects and procedures, final ideas and thoughts. “The growing development of Saudi Arabia, and the strength of other eastern regions such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, is another indication that the region continues to emerge as a global travel destination,” said Philip Wooller, President. Local STR area for Middle East / Africa. “Such progress is a testament to the strength and anticipation of the country’s cultural and economic potential.” While a major part of Saudi Arabia’s pipeline project is focused in Makkah (28,052 buildings under development), it is hoped that many more stores across the country will expand the hotel. By 50% or more. 1. Makkah: Children 28,052 (+ 81%) 2. Region Saudi Arabia: 13,996 (+ 80%) 3. Riyadh: Children 13,165 (+ 75%) 4. Jeddah: 11,198 (+ 97%) 5. Khobar & Dammam: 5,418 (+ 47%) 6. Medina: 1,228 (+ 7%) Tags: By Tatiana Rokou Editor Tatiana is the editor for TravelDailyNews Media Network (, and His work includes reviewing a number of sources of information for the TravelDailyNews Network and covering the most important ones according to our ideas. He holds a master’s degree in Communication & Media Advertising from the University of Athens University of Corporate and Public Affairs and is also an editor and editor in several journals and programs.