Spain “Travel Safety “campaign restore traveler for summer

RIYADH, GOVERNMENT OF SAUDI ARABIA – Spain continues to increase the safety of travelers by highlighting travelers’ activities on health and safety issues through the “Safe Travel” campaign, and along the Spanish border slow pace, as well as the slow pace of anticipation of the holiday season. . The “Safety Journey” campaign of Spanish travelers focuses on two main destinations: first, to let travelers know the requirements and conditions when traveling to Spain or any country by being a security writer travel for travel and general and second, to encourage travelers and motivate them to visit their destinations. Through the campaign, Spain plans to establish itself as a repository and deliver it to a government official and continue to provide information for future visitors. Microsite dedicated to advertising is a knowledge and interaction platform that displays updated information on a daily basis and covers all aspects of safety, health, and entry requirements. This allows travelers to check their previous requirements, schedule their travel plans, and find travel services. Microsite has information on all aspects of safe travel from the beginning to the end of the trip, and answers questions asked before, during, and after the trip. Travelers can find all kinds of information depending on the type of trip they are planning, whether they are going to Spain for the beach, physical scenery, or city planning. Especially information about services such as transportation, restaurants and hotels, restaurants, or shopping. Spain is a world of endless worlds, with its rich culture, beautiful minerals, and beautiful local life. Spain offers a diverse experience with high-end shopping, leisure, travel, gourmet and go-to experience