Spain Portugal and Dominica are destination for health maintenance

A study by Astons, international experts on real estate, real estate and urban investment, has found that Spain and Portugal are investment programs that provide investors with the highest level of health care without the need to invest millions of dollars to get. Health is becoming a driving force when it comes to the role of investors, increased due to Covid’s disease and investors are looking to have better health care for themselves and their dependents. The International Health Survey by the Astons assesses the number of levels based on the rating given in each country, before estimating the minimum amount needed to apply for a Residential Health Investment that focuses on Health shows that Spain has the best life to live by a system investment for health investors. The country’s current health care system sits at 88 points with a minimum investment of just £ 427,075, and Spain also has one of the easiest options for investors. While Singapore and the UK are in the top three for the best health care system, the average cost of investing in a home by two programs is 35 1.35m and 2m m respectively. Like Spain, neighboring Portugal also offers great opportunities for investment in health care. Portugal’s health care system scored 83.2 in the Aston study, with the most significant investment requiring even less than Spain at 9 239,162. Switzerland, Italy and Malta also had high-quality healthcare facilities, followed in the 80s and also provided small savings under 300,000 doors. Australia (82.7) and Canada (80) also performed well in health care in each country, however, the median investment was higher than £ 831,488 and 2,692,477 respectively.