Small luxury Hotel of the world announce new hotel in Ibiza and venice

It has been a year since the epidemic halted all our travel plans, but hopefully in the government now as foreign travel routes have approached many for around the world. Whether you are dreaming, looking for inspiration or for a book, The World’s Small Luxury Hotels have a plethora of new hotels. The company returned to the Seychelles using a new port, including a home controlled by the Venetian and historic Ibizan settlements, among others, and a collection of young and old youth. City Hotel (friend) La Torre Del Canónigo (Ibiza, Spain) – New Opening 30th April 2021 UNESCO World Heritage Site Dalt Vila lie La Torre del Canónigo, Ibiza new hotel store. The 25-room hotel replaces the original ‘El Cosario’ hotel and houses three unique historic buildings on the world solarium, five minutes 5 from the iconic Ibiza area. Between the narrow streets and the Renaissance walls, you will find La Torre, which has eight rooms, including three rooms: a century-old El Cosario house with twelve rooms with one house, each with a sea view at the Casa Puget , A 16th-century Jesuit woman with a new pool and recreation area. The valley has been fully developed by the world-famous architect, Lázaro Rosa-Violán, who brought a kind of silence on the shores of the Mediterranean into history. The most enjoyable was the fresh food and the new music interview hosted by Chef José Miguel Bonet. Chef Iñigo Rodríguez will help Bonet manage the unique mix of global cuisine and traditional Ibizan cuisine at the new El Corsario & Terrace Restaurant. The experience did not stop at the kitchen of the restaurant and the restaurant for the mannequin