SKY Vacaction inprove World experience

NEW YORK – US travel firm Sky Vacations, an expert in custom equipment for individual and group travelers, has announced the expansion of its product portfolio. New events include holidays in India and Japan which include trips, camping and boat, private tours in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, tasting wine in Andalucia, Spain, Israel, Naples , Italy, Austria and Vienna / Prague and Budapest with Incan Civilization in Peru and Bolivia. What’s new is the collection of world-famous Villa & Boutique Elslo hotels. “Travel experiences do not change; they do not adjust one way or the other. Instead, they should address the needs of each traveler which is what our team does more than anyone else” Richard Krieger, Director of Sky Vacations. “We talk to our customers, professional travel staff and ask them what they want from us and their feedback is always the basis for new products.” He continued “We are excited when we bring new programs to market, a program that encourages travel consultants and their customers. It is an effort from the beginning. But it should be noted that we are constantly considering to ensure that the experience provided will allow travelers to have a personal connection with a site and its people. ‚ÄĚThis new system incorporates a real-time inbox that includes all markets in Asia, Central / South America, Middle East and Europe.