SITA Biometric solution provide fast track for UK Airline travelers

SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and United Airlines have become the first in the United States to test the low cost, biometric airport experience provided by sign-in and travel for domestic and international travelers. a yan. Using SITA’s Smart Path, travelers taking part in the test can link their driver’s license with their weather forecast to login. They can pass through the airport, through check-in and check-out, security and entry through face-to-face checks only on each side. By 2020, more than half of all global airlines at SFO will be equipped with equipment. Today the airport in United expands the same experience for home and selected travelers and the SFO goes through several processes in the journey. United Airlines chief executive officer at San Francisco International Airport, Lori Augustine, said: “United has been a leader in providing unparalleled experience for our customers – through our long-standing partnership with CLEAR, which is an airline. first to touch. We will look forward to participating with SITA in this case and exploring new technologies that will help clarify what we offer in biometric in the future, and provide our customers with unparalleled experience as they cross the SFO. In response to COVID -19, SFO, United and SITA work together to provide secure, structured innovation that reduces travel contacts with partners, improves customer experience, and reduces operating time.