Saint lucas release immercive extended stay programme

CASTRIES, Saint LUCIA – As a leader in international travel and covid-19 vaccine development, Saint Lucia is responding to requests for long vacations and remote activities. We have started the venue as a foundation – a program that will allow guests to stay longer, work well and enjoy local life in Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia encourages visitors to stay for six weeks, ideal for the summer months. After completing the free online application, participants participated in a Live program with Livefe Island Specialist (local travelers) who worked as their own guide before their time at the hotel and in the city. Expert Live will arrange events to match, such as studying cooking, hiking in the rain, diving in the water, Pitons tours, love or discovering hidden treasures of visitors and – unseen. A video summary of the program can be found here. “The‘ Carry Out ’event begins at a time when interest in international travel is changing in our major markets of the US, Canada and the UK,” said the Minister of Travel Hon. Dominic Fedee. On shorter visits, travelers have less work but if they stay longer, they will have to go around their area, get down on the trail and work again. With plenty of stress-free exploration in Saint Lucia with the need for a long vacation, this immersion program was developed so that visitors could live as a community, where they felt like family members and home. ”Living as a Lucian area A life meets the needs of family, remote workers, millennials and everything about every traveler, because every visit goes downhill and repairs. Through the program, we invited guests to the Live Professional Island team that also took part in the shooting program, the VIP airport and