Sabre help Look Kano travel develop customised to drive in middle east

MANAMA, BAHRAIN and SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS – The Middle East Travel Company, Kanoo Travel, has extended its partnership with 25 to Saber Corporation, a leading provider of software and licensing services to the travel industry. worldwide. The new multi-year business will be seen through the use of advanced technology of Saber industry and solutions for capacity building, enhanced development and transforming the experience it provides for travelers in critical travel. Through its partnership with Saber, Kanoo Travel is able to develop a unique program, Kanoo Krystal, that provides the company with unique content and what the company maintains in the changing landscape of travelers. The new business will see Krystal with the shorter Saber Red 360, which enhances the data driving experience to give travelers a greater choice and personalized experience. This powerful combination will make the company work faster and more intelligently and will help you to have more revenue opportunities. “Saber technology is critical in responding to the constantly changing market and the needs of travelers,” said Nabeel Kanoo, CEO of Kanoo Travel. “We expect travel in our area to increase in post-COVID-19 status. We need to be prepared for this by providing ourselves with intelligent technology that makes purchasing and booking uncompromising, accurate and easy. The partnership with Saber will allow us to compete at a very special time for the trip. ”Going forward, Kanoo Travel is involved in paying Saber. Saber’s new payment solution gives Kanoo Travel ultimate control and flexibility in how it operates and collects payments – enabling you to increase profits from any business.