Ryaniar to appeal EU Court ruling of Finnar

Ryanair today announced the decision of the EU General Assembly on Finnish, Danish and Swedish to support Finnair and SAS above all other EU airlines. The Finnish government has approved a 600m Euro loan to Finnair which has benefited from more than 1.2bn euros in state aid since the onset of the disease. The governments of Denmark and Sweden have each given loans of 137m euros to SAS which has also benefited from the return of housing assistance from these countries, bringing the total aid to SAS more than 1.3bn. Euro. Although the Covid-19 crisis caused damage to all aircraft contributing to the economy and unity of Finland, Denmark and Sweden, the governments of these countries decided to support only those who carried their flags. Ryanair submitted the approval of the European Commission of unofficial support to the EU Supreme Court in May 2020. Ryanair will appeal the decision of the Supreme Court today to the EU Court of Justice. A spokesman for Ryanair said: “One of the biggest achievements of the EU is to create a better market for air travel. The support of the European Commission for Finnish, Danish and Swedish State violates important principles of EU law. Today’s decision sets the stage for independence in air travel back through the 30s by allowing Finland, Denmark and Sweden to give their national flag to those who put their foot on top of competitors well, depending on their country . Thus, we will ask the EU Court of Justice to change these unfair aid payments for the benefit of competition and consumers. If Europe is to emerge from this crisis using a trading platform, it must allow fighter jets to compete in the game stage. Unsupported competition can eliminate customer service and benefits from low costs and options. Gifts, on the other hand, encourage poor performance and will hurt customers for years to come. ”