Rome fiumiComo and ciamipon airport in Europe ,First achieved Airport

Aeroporti di Roma, the operator of the Rome airport of Fiumicino and Ciampino, has received the highest level of accreditation of Carbon Airport: Level 4 + “Transition”, the first in Europe to do so. To achieve this awareness, airports are needed to reduce their CO2 emissions in the face of global warming, affecting others working inside the airport to achieve better reductions, and to compensate for their air costs. Only two other airports in the world have achieved this level of current carbon management: Dallas Fort Worth International in the US and Delhi Indira Gandhi International in India, while Christchurch International Airport has reached level 4 “Transformation”. Since 2011, after obtaining the first Carbon Carred certification, the Aeroporti di Roma has been reducing carbon emissions and making a significant reduction between airports through a subscription plan involving all involved ya. Rome Fiumicino Airport has been a carbon neutral airport since 2013, and entered Ciampino Airport shortly thereafter. To accelerate their progress to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and achieve Level 4+, Aeroporti di Roma has set out a plan to eliminate all of its CO2 emissions and achieve zero CO2 emissions by 2030. This goal is critical, when when completed, the airport will be renovated 20 years before the start of the global neutrality mission. “This positive attitude reflects our strong support for environmental issues and our willingness to move forward in a robust manner, recognizing the need to add more support and innovation to the business. us. ” President of the Aeroporti di Roma, Marco Troncone. “Considering the nature of air pollution and maintaining future coordination, the ADR strategy is focused on the rapid destruction of the airport it operates. In fact, we want to get CO2 emissions by 2030, long before the European verse for the region, as well as