Rogers Airport passenger reduce by 91% in the first quarter of the year

Employment statistics show that in the 1521 quarter, the number of passengers at Riga airport decreased by 91%, accounting for only 9% of the number of passengers last year. This month, the airport picked up 33,275 passengers, up from 9,000 more than a month ago. However, compared to 2020, the number of travelers in April is also significant – 86%; Also, it should be noted that the Latvian government almost stopped international flights in the second half of March last year. Compared to the crisis mark of 2019, the number of passengers dropped to almost 94% in March, while the number of passengers at the airport in the 15th quarter of the year decreased by 93%. Most or 69% of passengers are airlines operated by AirBaltic Airlines, 10% by inexpensive Ryanair Irish carriers and 5% by Lufthansa. The number of passengers staying in the first three months reached 13% of the total number of passengers. In March, it will be possible to fly Riga to 33 different destinations provided by airlines, the most famous of which are Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London. Several Polish and Belarusian Belavia Airlines launched flights from Riga Airport last month. There are 1,424 flights available at Riga and March airports. The largest segment – aircraft 657 – is operated by passenger dealers, 303 are commercial airlines, while 245 aircraft are operated by cargo carriers. A total of 4249 flights departed and landed at the airport in the 15th quarter of this year; the number of aircraft in 2021 decreased by 77% compared to 2019. Decreased aircraft