Revenge travel summer 2021 record; 68% for summer ,25 for travel revenge

Vacationer publishes the Revenge / Summer 2021 Travel Survey, designed to determine how many Americans will travel this summer as many plan to travel to get an “attack” on Covid-19 This study with 535 American adults aged 18 and conducted online using the SurveyMonkey viewer / listener on March 20, 2021. Eric Jones, math teacher at Rowan College South Jersey, conducted review the study. Here is the survey: Here are the findings with a few key points: 1. do you plan this trip in the summer? Eeh. – 67.72% Nationwide – 32.28% Major route: 67.72% of Americans over 18 or near 173 million plan to travel this summer. When added in children, this number will exceed 200 million people. This is the number of people who will travel as we go to fight this disease. Exciting Opportunities – Nearly 11% more men than women say they plan to travel this summer. This is similar to the COVID-19 Immunization Travel Study where people are more comfortable traveling now. In addition, our study in May 2020 also found that men are more likely to travel during this pandemic. 2. Once the COVID-19 expansion problem has stopped, how often do you plan to travel? (travel reversal) More than COVID-19. – 25.00% Less than COVID-19. – 16.98% As before COVID-19. – 58.02% Major: 25.00% of people plan to travel more than COVID-19 once the disease has spread. This more than 16.98% said they plan more travel. Over the past year, there have been many