RateHawker release the sale of transfer on platform

Online hotels and flight registration services for travelers RateHawk.com have launched a new feature: service partners can book for their travelers in more than 100 countries at once. New users have already signed up for new services in their online account. Felix Shpilman, CEO of Emerging Travel Group, the company that manages RateHawk, said: “The comfort and health of our partners when we work with RateHawk is our first priority. We know that it is important for travel professionals to be able to write down all travel components in the same order, so we are working full time to give our staff a much bigger world for travel services. We are looking to the world to order transfers to be the highest quality alternative service for affiliated bookmarks hotels, airline tickets and rental cars for their customers at RateHawk ”. Participants can order cash transfers at the following rates: Economy +, Comfort, Minivan, Trade and First Class. Couples may request a transfer for up to eight passengers in a row. To move, the planner should specify the start and end points of the trip, the date and time of departure, the number of passengers, the number and size of each child seat needed (if necessary), flight number and the size and section of the container. This service must be booked 24 hours before the transfer begins. The participant can set up the project itself. Papers are paid for by bank transfer, card or through partner payment. After payment, a checklist will appear in the company’s online account with information