Rate tiger and IDS partnership to help hotel revenues

DUBAI – The hotel industry is always challenged, at least, in the island nation by the international business community during these turbulent times. For the Port Moresby Hotel in Papua New Guinea, the challenge is to reconfigure their ideas and expand the housing market at a time when travel restrictions are increasing. Managing rates, cargo and reservation and configuring life across the channel is a complex task. The Crown Hotel Investment Team relies on RateTiger for efficient online marketing and the most up-to-date updates with PMS – IDS Next. Thanks to the XML 2-way route between the next IDS and eRevMax-RateTiger, these teams have been able to distribute live streams of their content across multiple subscription channels and receive storage made in PMS in time. “Crown Hotel is very happy with services from RateTiger and IDS Next. The two systems complement each other perfectly and we hope we use a united altar to make it an endless experience for us. The installation of RateTiger and IDS allows automatic registration cancellation or cancellation on our PMS via the web hosting and OTAs. RateTiger provides a great combination of many OTAs that help us increase your online revenue while we are new to technology, ”said Shankar Ghoshal, General Manager, Crown Hotel Port Moresby. “We believe in providing our hotel staff without a technical solution. We invest in our products and work together with all of our technologies and channel partners to develop deep XML integration. To real time ARI and data entry between different channels. Provide the restaurant. with a well-established model of signature and access to the rate system. It means sales and high rates for our hotel customers, “he said.