Pursuit to release Golden Sky bridge

GHOLNA, B.C. – The pursuit will expand the collection of unforgettable and exciting films and the hospitality of the launch of the Golden Skybridge in Golden, British Columbia. Opening in May 2021, the multi-layered mountain experience will feature two uninterrupted bridges connected by forest trails to the two northern tip of Canada. The newly built lakes, seated at 130 to 80 feet high each, will provide an impressive 360 ​​degree view of the vast alpine vistas, where they show a 61-meter waterfall on a steep hill quiet and deep channel below. Once opened, visitors will be able to experience the largest standing water bridge in Canada. David Barry, President, Pursuit says, “In our Mission we are focused on connecting visitors to the venue through an unforgettable and inspiring experience.” “The Columbia Valley is one of those landmarks that is unique in providing a mountainous experience. Whether you live in Golden or make it stop on your trip between Alberta and British Columbia, Golden Skybridge will be a great destination for Canadian and foreign visitors. “Pursuit will be working with Golden Skybridge in partnership with a team of community developers led by Paul Deutsch and Rav Soomal. Deutsch said,” There is a great deal of beauty available on this side of British Columbia at Golden Skybridge will give visitors a glimpse of the surrounding nature of the beautiful mountain. “” The town of Golden emerges as a fantastic park for hiking two mountains of Columbia and Rocky and we look forward to being an ongoing part of it. and ongoing tourism development. “The Golden Skybridge will feature a three-mile long walk-through closet across the park with two suspended towers. The viewing platform will allow guests a chance. Another take on the beautiful terrace.The park and cafe outdoors and the experience area will provide a complete relaxation.