Profitsword partner with foreUP to provide Golf course operator with latest updated in business intelligent

ORLANDO, FLA. – ProfitSword, a pioneer of business intelligence and data mining software, has announced the integration of its solutions with foreUP, a leading provider of golf management technology. Now compatible with the front-end marketing module, the ProfitSword integration allows golfers to quickly access analytics tools that can lead to ongoing analytics activities to raise their money. A software provider that meets the needs of all types of golf business in size, the relationship of foreUP and ProfitSword is very useful for many services, medium, local, or for travelers. Through this combination, this type of business can integrate daily POS business data built into the front module which is automatically generated from the ProfitSword dashboard for analysis analysis. Statistics can be combined or divided based on specific needs, but often with specific factors that are important in determining a project or budget. This ensures that employees can always predict upcoming expenses or workloads to adjust business plans and costs for it. “The combination of ProfitSword with our golf equipment will provide lessons using our system to incorporate knowledge for making the best decision for their business,” said Brendon Beebe, CTO of foreUP. “Having tools that make it easier to identify, collect, and understand this data is a real benefit to users of course work.”