Pandemic may allow VR to shake off Gimmick picture in tourism

The effects of COVID-19 can leave VR to tell your picture of being a gimmick in the travel area. Hype after technology in recent years is often greater than its use, especially for sporting purposes. However, the longer this disease affects travel, the higher the lives of customers and organizations using this sustainable technology, such as GlobalData, data management and analytics. Ralph Hollister, travel and travel expert at GlobalData, says: “Spending too much time at home with too much spare time, and the desire to travel, means that travelers need to switch to VR to use the fields. of resistance organization. left. According to GlobalData, * 62% of global customers have stated that they ‘stay home as much as possible’ due to a contagious disease, allowing for this technology. Oculus launched its title ‘Quest 2’ in October with the most popular experience with National Geographic VR, which takes users to great distances, demonstrating the use of VR as a substitute for real reality. “Many Content Management Teams (DMOs) have started using VR in marketing campaigns and reviving the travel experience. For example, the German National Tourism Board (GNTB) recently attracted viewers traveling around the country, including parts of the Baltic region and the North Sea. All of this is for the benefit of pursuing things as the journey begins. However, it remains to be seen whether this type of VR focus will survive beyond cancers and whether this technology will be restricted for use in dream / travel thinking. “Many travel companies and companies will now compete for competition to accelerate recovery. The use of VR in the market – such as indoor and hotel travel – adds another way to advertising and will improve quality the picture is timely and the results