Pamama to to present commitment Sustainable and safety

MADRID – Panama will release its release to provide support and security within its Bicentenary years at FITUR. Panama will be in FITUR once a year with the country’s Minister of Tourism, Iván Eskildsen, and the Promotion Fund (PROMTUR). The next edition of the International Travel Show will be the Travel Show, from 19 to 23 May, in Feria de Madrid. Panama will return to FITUR with a innovative initiative designed to develop safe and supportive systems and showcase this national event and future under the Master Plan for Sustainable Travel 2020-2025 (PMTS). All this at the bicentenary of national independence in Spain. This article challenges the Panama Travel Council, Conservation and Research (TCI) policy to promote a consortium and support process with unique, cultural, and historical contributions. This feature has a lot of awesome features, especially right now: it’s a perfect memory. Clearly, good communication with Panama is important in this: Anywhere in the country less than three hours from the capital, your health system is known for its high standards. The first three streets In FITUR 2021, Panama will launch an updated series on its heritage experience. The following focuses on the three main areas: Cultural Heritage, Green Heritage and Blue Heritage. Cultural Heritage: This focuses on the history of Panama as a World Bridge, connecting global attractions such as the Old City (Casco Antiguo, UNESCO World Heritage Site), the famous Panama Canal and the first train station in the center, among others. Cultural Heritage will highlight the rich heritage of the country, providing information from its three cultures: its seven other regions, its Afro-Panamanian heritage, and its familiar Spanish culture. Green Heritage: Panama will establish itself as a multicultural city. It has more birds, reptiles, animals and plant crops than the United States and Canada. The Green Heritage Program welcomes visitors through national parks, security areas, and