Oracle open Hospitality AIP to help company recovery

AUSTIN, TEXAS – The disease highlights the need for hospitality providers to have a flexible program that can be quickly adapted to accommodate changing hospitality. To make it easier for partners to adapt and create innovations, Oracle has developed the REST API and lifecycle solutions to the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) from GitHub under the Universal Performance Framework (UPL) format. See the Communication Network that works here. By opening the REST API information for Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud, any hosting company can benefit from years of development. The tour not only provides enterprise visitors with access to innovative applications, but also represents a great way to get business applications for REST APIs. The promotion was highlighted during Oracle Hospitality’s Second Annual Innovation event which provided up to 400 participants from 60 countries to the information and tools needed to help the company adapt to the new marketing market. . “We have repeatedly heard from customers and colleagues that they would like to revisit or get inspiration from our specific REST API specifications. They want our API to be a hallmark for the company and they ask us to make it possible, ”said Laura Calin, VP of Planning at Oracle Hospital. “With this update, we are making this vision of the building open as a reality and taking the API as a welcome addition to a new level.” Transform innodàs down by opening the Hospitality Integration Platform infrastructure, streamlining and integrating data and systems across an altar into an altar. It allows fast food suppliers to ‘integrate’ fast from Oracle Cloud Marketplace and app suppliers.