Optimum among traveler go back pre pandemic area

KANSAS, MO – MMGY Intelligence Travel, a MMGY Global research and intelligence firm, has released its findings from the 2021 “Spring Spring” of the American Tour, featuring the 31st anniversary of the publication. Following a year of uncertainty, as well as constantly changing ideas and ideas for travel, the results show unsatisfactory expectations by lawmakers ahead of the summer travel season. The Comprehensive Depression Index (TSI) has reached 119 (pre-eclampsia level), confirming that US adults are thinking more positively about travel than last year. While there are high expectations, concern for ongoing security is affecting demand, although not slowing down there is a significant increase in travel destinations. Along with precautionary measures such as increased immunity and reduced COVID-19 expression in the hospital, safety is lower than your disease level. During the trial, he addressed 12 major sources at TSI more than in February 2020. Chris Davidson, EVP, MMGY Travel Intelligence said: “It has been a disappointing year for the travel industry, but the company are flexible and stable in their commitment to meet the needs and concerns of travelers. “” The results from this study show that we are already in the midst of a dramatic increase, and travel companies should use these tips and use them to guide their planning in the coming months. ” Where to Go? The areas of interest among U.S. travelers over the next two years are Hawaii (64%), Florida (62%), California (53%), Colorado (50%), Alaska (49%) and New York (49%) .It is also important to note that in some areas – Portland, Seattle and Washington, DC – there is a significant increase in our interest, which may be the result of the political and social turmoil that has taken place in these areas in the last year. Interested in other countries. Still, it is also rare that only 19% of legislators say they have