Negative passenger request trend continue in February

GENEVA – The International Transport Association (IATA) reported that air travel fell in February 2021, compared to pre-COVID levels (February 2019) and compared to the coming month (January 2020). Due to comparisons between 2021 and 2020 the monthly results were marred by the unintended effects of COVID-19, except that not all comparisons were recorded in February 2019, which followed a positive trend. The average number for air travel in February 2021 (measured in mileage or RPKs) fell 74.7% compared to February 2019. That is worse than the 72.2% decline recorded in January 2021 two years ago. Foreign travel demand in February was 88.7% under February 2019, another drop from an 85.7% year-on-year decline in January with higher growth results from July 2020. Employment in all regions is worse than compared compared to January 2021. Total housing demand fell 51.0% during the pre-crisis period (February 2019). In January, it dropped 47.8% in the 2019 season. This was due to weakness in Kannada travel, which the government required citizens to stay home during New Year’s travel. “February shows no signs of recovery and demand for international flights. In fact, many misinformation such as anti-trafficking makes it difficult to continue to worry about the new type of coronavirus. An important factor is the Australian pet market. Relaxation in the anti-aircraft makes travel more enjoyable. This tells us that people are not yet hungry for travel. They will fly, as long as they can do this without exception, ”said Willie Walsh, IATA General Manager.