My Guide Network choose travelport to extend

LONDON, UK – Travelport is announcing a multi-year technology agreement with My Guide Networks, a network of leading local professionals. As part of the agreement, I will use the Travelport API to access rich hotel content, approved by Travelport +. Travelport + is a comprehensive, next-generation product that simplifies, enriches, travel marketing products as well as being part of Travelport’s new global platform, designed to improve corporate services and content sources very versatile, buying the best travel and delivering the best value. My guide is to use Travelport + to manage hotel and hotel content in Latin America and Europe by selecting the features that will appear on the website over 120 limits. To provide travelers with the best options and endless experience, My Guide uses a network of local experts to visit, review and introduce hotels from 340 models to ensure the best levels for selection each trip is met. Displays across your site. Through a partnership with Travelport, My Guide strengthens its ability to help shoppers find speed, purchase and book all travel destinations from end to end, complete at home, catering, travel and activities. Links to Travelport + will help My Guide increase your rate improvement. “We are excited to partner with Travelport to expand our network in Europe and improve our presence in Latin America. Our partnership is transforming the game for our own benefit and our commitment to unlocking the value of content in many ways, ”said Mark Wallis, CTO and founder of My Guide Network. And LATAM uses Travelport + to make travel easier