Modal Hospitality to improve the first new built clayton

Nkem LOUIS, MO. – new hotel built in Clayton, Missouri business district – the first hotel built since 1990 – opens its doors in the Fall of 2022. Expansion of the hotel, management and investment center at Midas Hospitality does not matter soon a. and $ 47 million Residence by Marriott. Located at 8125 Forsyth Blvd., the 12-room hotel will have 170 rooms that will provide a complete and powerful kitchen. The property is located near the edge of the Shaw-47 complex, the largest and most famous sports stadium in the city in 1935. The facility will have a state-of-the-art gym, 3,300 square meters of space. meeting and balcony and outdoor wine, and bed. Guests will have breakfast, and access to evening programs. Midas Company will take over the land and build it Midas sister company, head of general office is an expert in the construction of new hotels, historic renovations and business investors. This location is the first of two retail stores, located between the two best stores. “While this disease has affected many travel companies in the hiatus, we are confident that it will return and organize the City Inn to meet the needs of travelers and families,” said Midas Sales and Marketing Director Hospital Linda Eigelberger said. “It will be a fun and relaxing place with a great view of Shaw Park and many shops and restaurants in the Clayton business district.”